Losing 6 Stone - My 12 Month Mission With Alan Jones

Shortly before Christmas 2012 I was browsing some videos on the internet and I came across a weight loss transformation. As soon as I started watching I had the eagerness to weigh myself! When I did I was in total shock,   the scales shot up and the reading was 18 stone 4lbs! Almost like a coincidence not long after this I was on Facebook and came across a guy called MrGymcredible. I saw some links on his profile of another weight loss transformation, that of James Hobday. His before and after pictures were incredible, he had gone from an obese 19 stone person to a 12.5 stone shredded fitness model! I was hooked; I vowed to transform my body!

So I planned to start my own body transformation. On January 1st 2013,   as the clock struck 12, I put down my drink and vowed to drop 6 stone! I had always been a sporty lad growing up, playing football in my early years of school and then rugby in high school and on weekends. I used to go to the gym when I was a bit younger (age 18-19) but all I wanted to do was to become massive! With incorrect diet & training I did that, the fact is the massiveness I had gained was not muscle but FAT!

I stopped going to the gym and with working long hours, 6 days a week my diet went from eating moderately healthy stuff to quick & easy things. Takeaways mainly. The weight soon piled on, until 01/01/2013. I now have the support & dedication to reach my goal! And with constant support from family & friends I will succeed. I have decided that whilst I am in my transformation I will be doing events such as, the ‘’Lands’ end to John o Groats’’ bike ride, and a marathon or two!

I have decided to raise money for Macmillan cancer support also, for a number or reasons: When both my grandmothers were diagnosed with lung cancer Macmillan helped the family a lot. The tremendous help they give to families going through what mine went through is priceless and I think they are massively deserving of the support! So as New Year came upon me, I had set up a ‘’just giving’’ page, had many sponsors from local companies, and some excellent advice from people who have done transformations of their own. MonsterSupplements.com have in fact very kindly sponsored me and offered advice as they are confident they can help me achieve what James did!

In just over 31 days I have dropped 24lb of fat,   Nearly 1/3rd of my total goal! I have changed my training so that when I'm working out I am not burning valuable muscle tissue. Follow my journey:

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