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Food is all about choice – every time you eat junk or too much food it is your choice to do so. Having said that it can be very difficult for people to make the right choices, day in day out. Sometimes it is easier to go with the convenient option which is often the poorer quality choice. Today we are going to look at 3 of the most common food dilemmas people will face each day and offer ‘’easy’’ alternatives which will be BETTER for your body composition and health.

Morning - Cereal & Toast

Breakfast time, how should you kick-start the day? We are rolling with a theme which covers ‘’improvements’’ and better ‘’health’’ so going straight for the jugular with optimised fat loss breakfasts isn’t always going to appeal. With that said a far better alternative to the said foods above would be –

1) Bowl of gluten free oats with chopped hazelnuts, blueberries, and almond milk & whey protein
2) 4 egg omelette with organic cheddar cheese, mushrooms, red onion and mixed peppers

Lunch – Sandwich & Pasties

At lunch time a large proportion of the British public will probably be tucking into their sandwiches or possibly a pastry based snack. Processed simple carbohydrates and poor fat sources are probably going to be present, not an ideal way to set you up for the rest of the day or keep your waistline trim. Below are two better alternatives which are also realistic –

1) Sweet potato, greens, homemade chilli con carne
2) Homemade beef burgers (with red onion and grated carrot), kale and quinoa

Evening Meal – Bangers, Mash & Beans

Sure, the above is a slight generalisation but it is a popular dish and there are many others along similar lines. When you look at the fact processed butter and milk are often added to the potato and the sugars in the beans not to mention the rubbish in the sausages you are not on to a winner! Intsead try the following –

1) Basmati rice, grilled asparagus, grilled chicken breast, mushrooms, baby tomatoes with a homemade cheesy sauce (tablespoon soft white cheese heated in pan with red onion, dash of almond milk & water – add teaspoon of almond flour to thicken the texture if needed)
2) Mashed sweet potato, grilled pork loin, homemade tomato based sauce & salad

The options are endless, what is important is that you are willing to make the change. Eating crap everyday doesn’t make anyone feel good, and you are the only one who can do anything about that! Your options are on the table.  . . .

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