Going To Dark Places - Redefine Intensity!

Intensity is a topic we often like to address but we have gone over it in many ways, explaining what it might be to you, how to be more intense and even when you are over doing it. However, it is safe to say the latter point isn’t one we need to worry about much because we notice that too many people stray away from the REAL realms of intensity. Rather than a why, this is a ‘’reminder’’ for all you who think you train hard.

We will start off with a very simple statement – ‘’do not fear the darker places you are yet to explore.’’

Think about it, what does this mean?  It is designed to make you think about that very moment we all should experience in a working set where the burn starts to hurt, then it really begins to burn and then. . . . . . . . ... You stop. That is the exact point; you reached that same point, the entrance to a dark cave and then instead of having the minerals to go in you pause!! This is the point where you need to really dig deep into that ‘’bag of mental toughness’’ and go in! If you are yet to take a set or workout beyond this point, just one step in to begin with will suffice. Then next week, take two, then three and progress.

The things doing this can do for your physique is incredible – after all progression is the number one rule with training, ultimately. Motor unit stimulation will increase, muscle fibre recruitment will improve and you will inevitably progress faster.

All of this comes back to having the ‘’steel’’ to push through the point where you naturally want to stop the set or workout. This takes immense mental strength, sometimes almost overwhelming amounts on occasions. When the BEST feeling you have experienced all week is finishing the workout you know you are pushing the limits.

The question is are you motivated enough to go and find enough courage to push the limits? The metal will always scar your muscles; you just want to make sure they are deep enough that they show in the form of hypertrophy. Cruising through redundant workouts is neither clever nor enjoyable – so, what do you? Don’t you think it is about time you grew a pair and begun to take your workouts to new heights?

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