Compete With Yourself!

Transformations are the now; everybody wants to see the most recent before/after photo shot from trainers around the UK – how did you do it? Can I have the same programme? What supplements were used? The reality is anyone can achieve mind blowing results in 6-12 weeks, potentially completely changing their physical appearance to the point they look fit for the front of Men’s Fitness magazine. Protocols exist which can have this effect sure, the problem is the individual. 95% might like to think that they want it bad enough but they simply do not understand how much they will have to suffer in the gym to get such rapid results!

The congestion of lactic acid in your muscles which causes shivers down your spine it burns so much is one part of the deal, but the problem is nearly every workout will need to be like this and more importantly nearly every set! If you want to transform your physique fast, then you are going to have to at some point beat the s*** out of yourself in an intelligent way during your workout!!

Don’t misinterpret this as a rant from an old school military personal trainer who loves to give his victims a good beasting for the sake of it. This is merely exposing the reality of the situation and that you are not going into something under the impression that by going through a ‘’prescribed’’ plan you will just get results. No matter how good the trainer is, there is no replacement for YOU pushing the limits. Only you can answer whether or not you are trying hard or simply ‘’feeling the burn’’ before saying enough is enough.

This isn’t to bash anybody’s efforts because it is great to see somebody trying, the idea is to let you know when you see some jacked up dude strutting around like a testosterone fuelled bull and is absolutely battering himself there is a reason for it!!
Application will almost always be the most important factor – you could have Charles Poliquin, Nick Mitchell and 5 other world leading experts designing your plans but if you are training like a timid kitten guess what, your results will be s***!!

The context of this article lies within the realms of a dramatic transformation for somebody who is experienced and fit enough to stretch to these limits; for sure it takes time to get there. However, everyone’s efforts are relative to their own situation – an intense workout for you might be a warm up for the next guy.

Compete with yourself, and beat yourself!

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