Chronicles Of Average Joe - The HIIT Revolution

This week’s chronicles of average Joe focuses on the topic of exercise and more specifically interval training or HIIT as it is known. HIIT has recently made the headlines are the ‘’next best thing’’ and I don’t disagree, it is a great way to torch body fat. However, things need to be kept in perspective – let’s go!
Client: So I was watching the TV on Sunday and there was a guy discussing HIIT (high intensity interval training) and why it is better to train like that for 12 minutes rather than 60 minutes with low intensity. It made great sense!

AG: Absolutely, HIIT training has its place and should almost be certainly used by more people. Not everyone mind.

Client: Who shouldn’t?

AG: Logically, people who are overweight are going to do their joints no favours sprinting are they for example?

Client: Makes sense. So, I was thinking of cutting all my workouts down to 12 minutes and follow the pattern of HIIT see what it does?

AG: You mean your resistance and cardio sessions?

Client: Yes!

AG: Oh dear, this is the problem with the media and the public’s reaction to their message!

Client: What do you mean?

AG: HIIT is amazing for fat loss, granted but this doesn’t mean you should start applying it to everything – soon you will start eating your meals with intervals!!

Client: Go on . . . .

AG: Training with weights for 12 minutes isn’t going to be sufficient for muscle growth, over a long period of time. Sure, as a ‘’week or two cycle’’ it might do something but you need to understand what HIIT is best for and that is fat loss in the context the media is talking about.

Client: So what should I do?

AG: Glad you asked! Start with 2 HIIT workouts a week to kick-start your day then introduce a third one as you progress. Keep your resistance training largely based around 45-60 minute sessions!! It really is that simple. The trick is understanding things and putting them into context rather than becoming over excited by something. After all, HIIT has existed for decades!

Client: Thank you! I will keep you updated!

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