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This week’s chronicles of average Joe focuses on the topic of ‘’context’’ and why so many beginners fail to see the wood for the trees. It is very common for somebody to focus on minor details on the grand scheme of things, variables which they should only worry about once they get all the basics covered!

Client: So I have been eating well for the last 6 weeks and following the training split you recommended for me. I have also been using basic supplements as you outlined including whey protein, glutamine, omega 3s, and a greens drink. Oh and a multi-vitamin. Now the foundation is down, I want to start focussing on my weak areas of my physique.

AG: Great to see you have stuck to the basic plan that is always essential! To answer your question, after 6 weeks of training from nothing I would recommend you still need to just ‘’progress.’’ Intricate training amendments will come in time that foundation still isn’t firmly down yet!

Client: Ok, but I was reading how one of the pro bodybuilders started using a new form of press to bring his chest up.

AG: Sure, and you can do the same. The point is at this present time that pro bodybuilder has probably trained for 10+ years with an extremely rigid diet, training and supplement plan. As a result every difference matters, in your case as a beginner the bigger picture is of greater importance. This means – sticking to your daily food intake, getting the right meals in at the right times, training consistently (the whole body) and using your supplements. Give it 6 months and then we can get a bit more ‘’sexy’’ with the protocols.

Client: 6 months? OK, what would the next stage be then?

AG: Once we hit the 6 month mark we can start to look at more specific splits, more isolation exercises and introduce more advanced supplementation such as BCAAs, EEAs, creatine monohydrate and a few other bits. Right now you are building a solid foundation, building a strong mind to muscle connection, stimulating hormonal responses and learning how to recruit muscle fibres (teaching the body). These are all things which matter.

Client: OK it is just easy to get distracted and want to do more.

AG: I know, but from my experience the foundation is one of the BEST places to focus on – you won’t enjoy such a fruitful phase again!

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