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As an individual with an interest in improving health by training and good eating I think you have a ‘’duty’’ to spread the word and help as many people as possible. The obesity epidemic is ballooning and it shows no sign of stopping. Having gained the momentum of a boulder racing down a hillside I believe we as a nation need to ‘’do our bit’’ and help others who need it. To do that, we need to gain an understanding of the issue and work our way forward from that point.

To quote Phil Learney, one of the world’s leading coaches – ‘’more people die of obesity than malnutrition.’’ When you let that small fact settle, it is quite alarming. Think back to the last time you watched a TV show which highlighted to unfortunate state so many 3rd world countries find themselves in. Parts of Africa for instance, look at the sheer scale of malnutrition there which inevitably leads to death. I was in fact subjected to first-hand experience of this last year in India, where I lived for 3 months. Sure, my residence was very ‘’Western’’ but a 60 second walk quickly exposed me to scale of poverty there. You couldn’t begin to imagine the scale of such a problem, and to think obesity is killing even more people than that is crazy! I am somewhat of the opinion it is also less ‘’forgivable’’ purely because those people who starve to death don’t really have a choice, their circumstances are extremely harsh. With obesity, I believe there is more ‘’choice’’ in the matter.

The simple fact is – those foods people eat and the volume in which they eat them are a matter of choice, at the end of the day.

So how can you help the problem? There are endless ways you can have a positive impact on people who need it, in this instance obese people.

. Educate them on the damage foods they eat can have on them, in the volume they consume them

. Give them healthy alternatives so that they do not feel they have to go ‘’cold turkey’’ to initially make a change

. Show them real life transformation examples of people who have achieved what they would like to

. Help them realise that ‘’healthy’’ food tastes great – most people vision living on salad, doesn’t have to be this way

I find it immensely frustrating that society embraces eating s*** food and outcasts proper nutrition. It would be completely normal to feed your child a burger, chips and a fizzy drink yet you would get reported for child abuse if someone saw you feeding them ''excess'' protein via the likes of steak and eggs. This is the route cause of our probalem in my opinion, as humans we like to be ''normal'' and to be ''normal'' in today's society is to eat convenient crap!

If we managed to convince 100 people to take action and every one of those helped 3 people that would be 300 people by the end of the year, in a better place. When you consider James Hobday, a client who won the biggest online transformation contest of 2012 has inspired thousands, imagine what 300 could do?
We all seem to back viral messages if it concerns a pop stars fake tan or wardrobe malfunction yet with this kind of stuff we tend to let it ‘’pass on to someone else.’’ This message is directed specifically at those of you who live this every day, spread the word people!

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