5 Fat Blasting Breakfasts With Charlie Kinsella!

Here we have my top 5 fat burning breakfasts to set your body on its way for the day. There are a few ideas that will cater from those who are always in a rush in the mornings to those who want to sit down and tuck in to a real caveman breakfast.

5. Plain Low Fat Yoghurt/Whey Protein/ Cinnamon and Raspberries -

This quick mix is something you can throw together if you’re one of those ‘always in a rush’ morning people. The plain LF will provide you with a good source of fats and sustainability in this quick meal. Throw some raspberries and half a teaspoon of cinnamon, not only will it give those with a sweet tooth their fix but will also enhance your meal with the ability to regulate your blood sugar levels from the start of the day, the ability to lower LDL cholesterol and also giving you a rich source of natural anti-oxidants from the raspberries. Not forgetting to include whey protein in this gives your body an easily digestible source of protein to kick start your day.

4.  Salmon/Avocado/Strawberries and Kiwi

What might seem like an unusual breakfast will be giving you a great source of lean protein, natural fats, and anti-oxidants. Grab half a salmon fillet, steam or grill it, slice up half an avocado and you have yourself a breakfast packed full of protein and good fats. Then, after you’ve enjoyed your fishy breakfast, grab a couple of strawberries and a kiwi to give yourself those extra anti-oxidant qualities to your first meal of the day, also offer a great source of vitamins and help prevent those mid-morning sweet tooth cravings.

3. Turkey patties/ Scrambled eggs/ Walnuts

You may be noticing a trend in these; high in protein and essential fats. By curbing an insulin spike early on in the day you can keep your metabolic rate at a steady fat burning state, rather than allowing your insulin levels to peak and trough. Turkey patties, scrambled eggs and a handful of walnuts. Is another way of getting a lean source of protein and essential fats. Prepare your patties in advance so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty in the morning, grill them in the oven, serve up with your scrambled eggs and a handful of walnuts. A breakfast packed with everything you need to get you into that fat burning state.

2. Spinach and Broccoli Omelette

Quick and easy; grab a handful of spinach, a bit of broccoli and make your omelette as normal, the broccoli and spinach not only gives you a bit of a break from your normal plain eggs in the morning but also offers fibrous antioxidants, getting your digestive system firing from early on in the day. Have a mug of green tea alongside this too will be throwing more and more anti-oxidants into your body, helping to provide against free-radical damage and once again and getting your body in that fat burning state.

1. Steak/Eggs and Almonds

The king of all breakfasts. This high protein breakfast stuffed with essential fats will most definitely be putting your body on track to burn that unwanted fat. A meal full of natural amino acids gives you the muscle building foundation you need at the start of your day.

With all of these fat burning breakfasts you would have noticed that the trend has been high in protein and essential fats, by curbing your carbohydrate intake early on in the day you can prevent a heavy insulin spike. Keeping insulin levels as steady as possible allows your body to remain in a fat burning state.

Enjoy and happy shredding.

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