Why Fat Loss Is So Much More Than Calories!

Calorie counting systems have been around for a very long time and there is no denying, if you are going to lose body fat then you do at some point need to find yourself in a calorie deficit. That is undisputable, however there are several misconceptions out there surrounding calorie counting which put a massive dent in the side of most people’s attempts to get lean! Without being brash I am going to slowly dissect certain ‘’myths’’ which surround this topic and explain why they are problematic and why you should avoid them!

Calories in Vs. Calories Out – That’s It

There are communities within the fitness world which will tell you calories are everything, yet the more informed will tell you macronutrients are more important. Recently, reading Nick Mitchell’s 12 Week Body Plan (a book he release in conjunction with Men’s Fitness magazine after transforming their deputy editor into a cover model – Nick is top 5 in the world in my opinion) he makes the valid point that ‘’2,000 calories from ice cream or 2,000 calories from fish and broccoli, which is going to make you fatter? You already know the answer!’’ When you put it like that it seems logical, yet some will still maintain it is all down to calories. If you are talking ‘’weight loss’’ it is more valid (still not bullet proof) but for ‘’fat loss’’ aka body recomposition that is a whole new matter. Every calorie ingested can cause a hormonal effect in the body don’t overlook this. Basing fat loss purely on Calories in vs. calories out is something of the past!

Too Little

Often programmes which only focus on calories fail to feed the individual enough of the right food which leaves them feeling hungry, depleted, tired and fed up. Any diet should provide satiety to the individual, these calorie based models don’t normally do this very well because they include a lot of sugary based carbohydrate foods which will cause massive fluctuations in your blood sugar levels throughout the day. Guess what, this also triggers your cravings!


Micronutrients have been looked over by too many of the fitness pros in the world but finally they are getting the credit they deserve! If you are deficient in certain vitamins or minerals losing fat and gaining muscle can be a tough task, sometimes near impossible. Calorie based programmes tend to overlook this fundamental!

If you are looking to make headway with your diet, remember there is so much more to the puzzle than just ‘’calories.’’

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