Why Eating Fat Is A Good Idea!

Fat gets a lot of bad press in today’s media, just the other day I came across a piece written in a national paper recommending people eat ‘’starchy’’ foods which included bread and a bucket load of fruit. Not for a minute am I suggesting the feature should have recommended steak and macadamia nuts for breakfast, but maybe somewhere in the middle. Why not scrambled organic eggs with some ham, seasoned with sea salt & covered in chives? It might sound a little soft I know but this is just good everyday food which most of us will have access to. Even the dairy products they recommended were skimmed or semi-skimmed which in my book doesn’t add up. Nature intended milk to be as it is, the components of that food work synergistically together so taking half of it away in my opinion is negative – never mind the fact it basically becomes ‘’sugar’’ when it is skimmed or ‘’low fat.’’

This isn’t to down tread carbohydrates, I love carbs and they have a massive value to anyone looking to build muscle, burn fat and live a healthy lifestyle. Instead I am here to stand up for fat because quite frankly healthy fats are magnificent for many reasons if you ask me.

Improved Fat Burning Capabilities

So when a transformation expert prescribes a diet rich in fat clients tend to freak out, ‘’what are you doing, won’t this make me fat?’’ – No is the answer if the prescription is correct! Healthy fats such as those found in a range of nuts, high quality red meat, oily fish and  some oils have been shown to help improve the process of ‘’fat metabolism’’ which means that the body becomes more efficient in using fat as an energy source.

Healthier Cholesterol Levels

Yes, fat can lead to poor cholesterol health but ‘’fat’’ is a broad term, there are good and bad. Typically the ones which are over consumed by today’s population generally come from fast food, deep fried junk and the likes of. If you begin to eat healthier fat sources it has been shown that your HDL & LDL cholesterol levels (high density vs. low density) improves. This is another reason why the best fitness experts recommend a diet with nuts, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, salmon and the likes of.

Great Energy Levels

Many people who follow lower complex carbohydrate diets report poor energy levels and hunger; however this is often because they are going about it completely the wrong way. It isn’t healthy to starve your body of good energy sources which is why healthy fats are great because guess what – they actually provide a great source of energy! In fact, studies have found people report improved cognitive function when they consume healthy fats in their diet and as each gram of fat contains 9 calories (opposed to 4 from protein or carbohydrates) you are getting lots of energy.

This isn’t a free license to begin over eating the good stuff, you can have too much of a good thing and with fats this is especially the case because they are so calorie dense. However, they are certainly something most people can benefit more from!

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