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To crown 2013 with some new super-hot material we have decided to do a “play by play” on every muscle group we as a collective team of gym bunnies love to train. If you are looking to improve a specific muscle group you may well come across some advice which helps you break through a current barrier you are up against. Even if you are a beginner this is perfect because you know you are doing it all right from the very beginning. Here goes, some top tips for muscle mass!

Today’s muscle group is triceps!

Tip 1 – Overhead Rules!

One of the most common mistakes we see people make in the gym when training their triceps is failing to do any (or very little) overhead work! There are several variations of overhead extensions and they can all be utilised to build better triceps and in turn bigger arms. The long head of the triceps which travels down the back of your arm is harder to stimulate than the other two heads and it is usually overhead work which hits it the best. Individuals with well-developed long heads in their triceps tend to have a great 3 dimensional look to their arms!

Tip 2 – Form

This tip goes back to basics! It appears when you watch a lot of people hit triceps pushdowns their form is cross between a swing and pressing motion. If you are going to get the back of your arms looking as bling as diamonds you need to address this. Elbows locked in tight to your sides, no shoulder movement and work within that natural range of movement. The only movement through the joint should be the elbow joint.

Tip 3 – Isolation

95% of the time it is common to hit triceps after chest because they are half way to being done already, it makes perfect sense. However, there is a time and place for a workout where you hit arms and specifically triceps on their own (with biceps, obviously). Doing so will allow you to lift more weight than after a chest workout, stimulate different muscle fibres and take them beyond the usual limits.

Tip 4 – Vary Your Grip

When you do pushdowns of any sort try alternating the grip you use. Sometimes go for a wider grip, other times try going for a narrower grip and even a very narrow grip (hands almost touching). This helps hit different portions of the triceps and this is key to keeping things fresh.

If you have suffered with poor triceps development until now there is no longer an excuse, get to work!

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