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To crown 2013 with some new super-hot material we have decided to do a "play by play" on every muscle group we as a collective team of gym bunnies love to train. If you are looking to improve a specific muscle group you may well come across some advice which helps you break through a current barrier you are up against. Even if you are a beginner this is perfect because you know ou are doing it all right from the very beginning. Here goes, some top tips for muscle mass!

Today's muscle group are biceps, probably one of the favourites.

Tip 1 - It Is All In The Wrist The art of muscle development boils down to your ability to isolate a muscle, leading to better overall muscle fibre recruitment within that area. When you are curling (particularly with slightly lighter weight & higher reps) one of the best ways to isolate your bicep heads is to tilt your wrist back slightly so your palm is closer to your forearm. Make sure you use a full range of motion and straighten your arm right to the bottom, with this slightly modified wrist set you will feel the burn!!

Tip 2 - Wide & Narrow There are two heads within the bicep muscle group which means using. Range of angles is essential! Like with most other muscle groups doing close grip work will target the outer bicep head and doing wide grip will predominately hit the inner heads more. One of our favourite bicep super sets is to do close grip and wide grip barbell curls to really force blood into all the areas.

Tip 3 - Rotational Growth One of the best ways to force more muscle fibre recruitment within your biceps is to combine internal and external rotations throughout a seated dumbbell curl. It is particularly effective to rotate internally during the negative phase of a bicep curl.

Tip 4 - Rep Ranges Biceps respond particularly well to venturing outside of the typical "8-12" rep range for growth. In fact, going above 20 repetitions and as far as 30 seems to stimulate a great response. Feel the pump!!

Tip 5 - Total Isolation A lot of people will curl heavy weight with a swinging motion, often bringing their back into play. Even when they avoid this common mistake they will often lead the movement by holding their front deltoids in a forward position, taking stress from the biceps. To totally isolate the biceps keep your arms straight down by your side and move the weight through your elbow, nowhere else!

That is biceps done!







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