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To crown 2013 with some new super-hot material we have decided to do a “play by play” on every muscle group we as a collective team of gym bunnies love to train. If you are looking to improve a specific muscle group you may well come across some advice which helps you break through a current barrier you are up against. Even if you are a beginner this is perfect because you know you are doing it all right from the very beginning. Here goes, some top tips for muscle mass!

Today’s muscle group is back!

Tip 1 – Isometrics are King

Every muscle group has a slightly different requirement and back training is no different. Training back requires a great amount of focus on the isometric contraction at the end of the concentric phase! This means you need to squeeze the muscle hard, hold the weight and engage every muscle fibre you can down your back! Think ‘’mind to muscle’’ connection.

Tip 2 – Angle of attack

Posture is everything when training back, if it is ‘’off’’ then you will struggle to engage the muscles at all and what’s more you might well end of suffering a nasty injury. Always make sure your shoulders are pushed back with your chest out. Never allow the middle of your back to hunch thus immediately losing any kind of quality muscle contraction AND making you extremely vulnerable.

Tip 3 – Rotate your rep ranges

There are an awful lot of muscles within your back which run in different directions and there is a great mix between slow and fast twitch muscle fibres. With that said it pays to rotate the rep ranges you use to train your back. Over a 3 week cycle go from 4-6, 8-15 and then finally 20-30! Whilst doing so always remember, that contraction is KEY to building a big barn door back!

Tip 4 – Learn to pull your weight

Chin ups and pull ups are one of the most basic exercise you can to build an impressive back yet a lot of people don’t do them, often because they cant. Just because you can’t do a set of 6 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be training to do so. Start with 1 or 2 rep sets if necessary, even being assisted if that is what it takes! However, just get them done because there is nothing like these two exercises for back development!

There you have it, now go and grow some wings!

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