Transforming You - Do You Have What It Takes?

Transformations are often spoken about and I often see the word thrown in articles, but a real ‘’transformation’’ takes many things to see it through! Since my younger teenage days I was fortunate enough to learn off the ‘’daddy’’ of transformations, Kris Gethin. Globally Kris is regarded as one of the very best at what he does and I have managed to extract a lot of knowledge from this man over the years, including spending a 3 month stint with him in India training a Bollywood star.

The inspiration for writing this has stemmed from the fact that we often see people start with all the go in the world to lose it all 7 days later. FitMag is flooded with informative articles on nutrition and training specifically to aid those looking to transform their physiques, however the truth is a transformation is so much more than a diet and workout plan. A transformation becomes your life, and the workout and diet are merely components of that.

So what does it take?

Grit is a word I often recite to my clients, it means that you will at some point during the transformation require the mental power to dig deep into your reserves and find some clarity when all you want to do is quit like the rest of them! Grit means you will get the job done, no ifs, no buts come the end you did everything you were supposed to do. Grit means, no excuses. If you are typically somebody who spins off excuses right, left and centre then a transformation is going to be one of two things for you –

1. A complete failure because there will be umpteen times where making an excuse will feel like the best thing to do.

2. OR it could be the making of you where a shot of ‘’MTFU’’ is instilled into your brain!

The choice is yours however be warned, excuses only lead to guaranteed failure and the whole purpose of a transformation is to get results! Both cannot co-exist together. Are you a loser or a champion?

Honesty is another fundamental quality which is required if you are going to nail your transformation. Being honest with yourself more specifically – the amount of people who bulls*** themselves as to why the results ‘’just won’t happen’’ is incredible. Listen; if the plan says NO alcohol, sugar, sauce or whatever other crap there is guess what? It means NONE! If you are going to give in and listen to your friends who tell you ‘’once won’t hurt’’ and then sit with a puzzled face don’t complain. Do yourself the courtesy of being honest! Feeding yourself the same BS excuses everyone else does will get you the same results as everyone else!

The truth is it takes a lot! Anyone who says otherwise either hasn’t been there or is one of the fortunate few who can get away with more than you or I. In 10 or 12 weeks’ time you will wish you had committed to taking action, so my question is to you – do you have what it takes? Do you have grit? Can you be honest with yourself? If so, what the hell is stopping you?

James Hobday is a man who had what it took, and still does. A client and now friend who has inspired thousands (along with his beautiful wife) to start their transformation having just won the biggest online transformation contest in the world of 2012! Yep, number 1! Inspired?

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