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The most infamous acronym of the fitness world, DOMS has gained a reputation which is feared by many – the pain it can shed on your muscles for days is never pleasant, even if it does provide a degree of satisfaction. In real terms, DOMS stands for ‘’delayed on-set muscle soreness’’ and basically describes the unmistakable aching within a specific muscle group for days after exercise. Anyone who goes hard under the squat rack will know what we are talking about, when you are left struggling to sit down without falling over or like a helpless turtle on your back trying to get out of bed. You get the picture. What we are looking at today are ways in which you can help minimise DOMS so that you don’t have to suffer quite so badly and end up walking like John Wayne down your local high street. Ok, that is the last dodgy description, I promise.

Here goes, 3 ways you can look to help ease the effect of DOMS.


Most people will hit the static stretches which litter commercial gym walls around the country before they lift weight which is actually a mistake. Dynamic stretching is good pre-workout but lay off the static stuff! However, once you have done the business and taken your muscles apart then it is time to do some static stretching. If you have just pumped gallons of blood into your calves they are going to be SORE the next day and probably the day after that. To help minimise the DOMS effect spend a good 10-15 minutes stretching the muscles out, holding the stretch and really work the muscle. This will help prevent you having such a bad case of DOMS.

Hot Bath

Most of us will not need an invite to enjoy a hot dip! Even if it is quite uncomfortable at first (it needs to be fairly hot, obviously not to the point it burns your skin!!) the fact is hot baths are one of the best cures for DOMS. They help the muscles relax and help the blood flow around the body enabling the removal of toxic salts within the muscle not to mention the transport of nutrients into the muscle.

Keep It Moving

If you have a really bad case of DOMS the worst thing you can do is sit on your ass all day long and wait for it to go! You will seize up and the discomfort will simply compound. Instead, go for a stroll to get the body moving and some blood pumping into your muscles. Ten minutes in to the walk you will find it helps! Don’t like the pain of DOMS?

Well there is no escaping it but these tips should help!

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