Skipping Leg Day - Lost Potential!

Leg training is brutal and it certainly separates the ‘’men from the boys’’ and the ‘’little girls from the ladies’’ that is for sure! If done right there is no denying or escaping the harsh burning sensation leg training causes within your thighs, this is a given! The reality of the situation is that the extent of pain a good old school leg session can inflict on the muscle fibres in your legs means many people simply swerve the session altogether. Chicken leg syndrome is a common and growing issue among the world of ‘’weight lifters’’ across gyms today, but there is much more depth to this issue than aesthetics. Whilst it looks stupid (the aesthetic imbalance of a large upper body and skinny legs), there are in fact some potential issues as well as benefits these ‘’leg skippers’’ are missing out on.

Studies have found that training with the ‘’big’’ compound exercises all leading coaches seem to favour help initiate preferable hormonal stimulation. An anabolic response is going to be of massive benefit to anybody looking to gain lean muscle mass which is why training legs can be so productive, for the entire body. Squatting and hitting the leg press are two excellent ways to stimulate overall growth within your physique.

When you spend 5 minutes with any experienced physiotherapist who does and has worked with a range of athletes they will tell you muscle imbalance is a very common problem and the cause of injuries. If you get a pain in your shoulder you will instantly think there is something wrong with your shoulder; however the issue could be in a completely different area which is causing the pain in your shoulder. If you build a strong upper body and neglect your legs you are leaving yourself wide open to several injuries as a result of a major muscular imbalance. Posture could also become a massive issue at some point, balance within each muscle group is essential.

If you are trying to get lean or stay lean and you skip leg day you are missing a huge trick!! Leg training is very intense and demanding yes, but the profit you are able to bag for your efforts can be spectacular. The number of calories you burn during a leg workout will be huge in comparison to an arm workout for example and the post-workout effect this will have on your calorie burning capabilities is great.

If you want to shift fat and keep it off hit legs hard! If you have not been able to come up with the courage to train legs until now, just do it!

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