Rookie Fat Loss Mistakes!

Fat loss diets will be in full swing now the whole festive period charm has completely evaporated into thin air. Hopefully your diet is already getting you results but if it isn’t there will normally be a very good reason for this. There are several very common mistakes people make when putting together a fat loss plan and we are going to run through them one by one.

Yes, to burn fat you need to be in a calorie deficit but people tend to start way too low with their calories and as a result leave themselves nowhere to go. When a plateau occurs they can’t decrease their food intake because they can’t stay awake on that little amount of calories. Therefore the first thing you need to make sure you do is leave yourself room to move into! For the first couple of weeks look to spike the metabolism (most people under eat) so eat plenty!! The metabolism will speed up and as you begin to chop the food the fat will come away.

Again, in regards to calories there is too much emphasis on ‘’calories in/calories out’’ and not enough on the right calories. Yes, a deficit is needed but just because you are in a deficit doesn’t mean you can eat what you like. Fat loss can be a tough journey so make it easier by eating good clean, wholesome foods. Too much too soon is another common mistake. You have already eliminated all the crap you usually eat, you have potentially started taking new supplements, doing more exercise and now you want to do more. Keep things progressive yet steady. Don’t go making changes 7 days into a plan, sometimes time is all you need. Consistency will generally yield faster results that changes will!

Another reason you need to avoid starvation is this – you are not mentally in the game, yet. For the first few weeks you are adapting, both physically and mentally. It takes time to accept you can’t reach for a tub of ice cream when you are stressed, or have a cheeky snack on chocolate once you have filled the car up with petrol. Putting yourself through all of this torture from day 1 isn’t going to work for most of you. This doesn’t mean cheat; no it just means allow yourself plenty of healthy food so that you don’t feel so sorry for yourself straight away! Too many people fall off the band wagon in the first few weeks for this very reason!

Got the message? Good, now get ripped!

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