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Having a top training partner is priceless! Bonds are developed through sharing moments together fighting the cold iron in the gym like nowhere else. No one can relate to it unless they have experienced it, but training has a funny way of really bringing people together. Very often a training partner will grow to become one of your best friends and if you are any good at helping them, your biggest friend to!! Enough of the emotional waffle, we all know in reality there are training partners which are going to add something to your workout and there are others who quite frankly become an obstacle which is generally because of their chit chat, lack of focus and ego.

It is time we put a ‘’checklist’’ down for you which will help you pick a good training partner or mould your current one into someone more productive – light bulb moment, ‘’dating based’’ website for training partners? Ok, probably a non-starter.

Captain Motivator

Seems like a simple one but does your training partner have it within them to get under your skin and make you perform at your best? The bond you both share should mean that you are bouncing ready for the next set and the same goes for your training partner, get your Mr Motivator ON if your workouts seem to lack that ‘’zest’’ right now.

Instils Focus, Not Distractions

Is your training partner the type of person to start a conversation just before you start your set or even worse, during or do they tell you to shut and get ready for action? The latter is obviously far more desirable, obviously it doesn’t have to be as blunt as that though. Sometimes the difference between making your workout WORK for you and be a complete waste of time is this point right here, do you spend too much time on small talk rather than getting busy?

An Eye For Spotting

When you get towards the end of your set, your mind feels like someone has dropped a brick on your head and your muscles feel about as stable as apple crumble does your training partner know what to do? Do they offer a light spot at the right time so that you still feel all of the above just 10% better OR do they lift the weight for you or perhaps worse (although slightly amusing if you are a bystander) take no notice!? Spotting is where a lot of people get that extra bit from their training, this is essential!

The Ability To Call You Out

Chill a minute, we don’t mean start a fist fight for being a punk we mean will they tell you if your form is appalling or will they massage your growing ego and say you will soon be lifting more than Arnold? Like it or not a good training partner will tell you if you are doing something wrong, not let it slide. Classic case of being cruel to be good!

Hold You Accountable

Today wasn’t a great day, you are fed up, tired and don’t want to hit the gym. Will your partner grab you by the scruff of the neck and get your lazy ass there or will they say it is ‘’OK’’ and that they understand? Good training partners make you progress and to do that you need to be in the gym!

So, how has your training partner scored? 3/5 is a pass but only just, they need work! Any less, have a word!

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