Progressive Eating, Progress Results - Don't Be A Fool & EAT!

The art of progressively improving your physique is one which requires planning, scientific protocol and in my experience a good dose of common sense and logic. Allow me to elaborate further. The first two points are ones we will overlook for the moment because it is the final piece to the puzzle I want to concentrate on – applying logic in order to be progressive. Different people will inevitably have different approaches and protocols yet the fact remains, progression is the goal. In that case it makes sense that progressive steps are required.

So what is my point I hear you ask?

One of the most common mistakes people will make with their diet is this; they leave themselves no room to progress into. If they begin a diet to torch their body fat and their starting daily intake is 1,000 calories, where do you go from there? 800 calories? Yes, there are people and myself included who will introduce regular ‘’high’’ calorie days during a fat loss diet for various reasons (I don’t believe in cutting calories all the time for fat loss) but this doesn’t mean for the rest of the time the individual should be starving. This is going to become a very damaging process in more ways than one –

. Muscle loss (detracts from aesthetics and leads to reduced calorific requirements)

. Down regulation of thyroid (slows metabolism down)

. Suppression in Leptin levels (leads to stubborn fat loss)

. Likely rapid fat gains post-diet and some! (Combination of hormonal state & mental state – cravings!)

. Potential long term metabolic damage (harder to lose fat next time round)

There are some of the issues with starving yourself for fat loss, there are more. This article isn’t here to address the why’s, how’s or what’s but instead to outline that logic should dictate this isn’t necessary or healthy. If the average person ‘’cleans’’ their diet up, cuts out all the crap, eats good healthy food regularly throughout the day (plenty of protein, healthy fats, fibre and some complex carbs) then they will progress in all likelihood. When that progression comes to an end they have an option, if they choose to lower their food intake slightly that is fine but why half it? Small, baby steps often provide the foundation to great results.

Somebody who is progressive over a period of time in contrast to those who go ‘’all out’’ on day one will often prevail as the winner. Don’t take this out of context, you need to take the right steps from day one but that doesn’t mean starving yourself. Food is your friend, so enjoy it!

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