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Personal training is a cut throat business for a number of reasons, here are some –

. Too many ‘’trainers’’ looking for work who are willing to undercut anyone, driving the price/value down and down

. Poor standard of education for trainers which means as a collective group they sometimes get a bad name making it hard to get work

. Location can really restrict your ability to appeal to the right clientele whether that is for personal or financial reasons

. People expect miracles yet are not willing to make the sacrifices making it hard for you to get commitment out of people

So it all sounds pretty bleak, right? It doesn’t have to be this way and I would encourage any personal trainer who finds themselves in this rut to read on and get the hell outta there! Differentiating yourself from the other trainers just like in any other business is absolutely cricitcal. If you are happy to be the guy who gives gym inductions at a leisure facility you don’t want to be at, then fine. However, if you want to become a name, a trainer who people say ‘’that guy/girl really knows their s*** and gets incredible results’’ then you need to make yourself stand out!

How can you do this?

. Build a large social media following (to do this start blogging and writing for, get people interested in you and what you are about!!)

. Post transformations and testimonials on your social media sites

. Get photos of yourself done, in great shape and show the world!

. Educate yourself from the very best – look at the work of Charles Poliquin, Phil Learney, Nick Mitchell, Jim Stoppani, Kris Gethin, Dan Reardon, Ben Coomber. . . the list goes on. There will be conflicting views but this is where it begins, learning what you like to use!

Location is a topic which you will struggle to change – if the area is short of clientele, or at least people who can afford to pay what you want to charge you have two choices: . Make up for that money other ways (online work?) . Move to somewhere else Moving is a massive decision and one you shouldn’t take lightly, however there are many trainers who have and do enjoy amazing lifestyles travelling to different places training a list of exciting names. London is an ever popular destination for trainers with the intention of becoming the ‘’next big thing’’ as more and more high end performance facilities are opened.

There are some easy points you can apply to become bigger and better as a trainer!

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