Out With Diets, Eat Good For Life!

In any walk of life where there is industry there is usually branding, and within that field you will quite often come across fads. In our industry, the one I choose to love and exist in there are many fad diets which are simply food plans with a twist and a label. There are some fantastic systems around but they are very few and far between - the truth is systems are good business. Without naming names there are some massive brands which exist today and they carry the promise of helping people lose weight, often they do in the short term but by doing so they almost set people up to fail long term.

There are diets which preach living on liquidated foods for X amount of time, others which pretty much eliminate fat and focus purely on calories and there are even those which are vegetable based. If you can think of it you can almost guarantee it exists under some label as a "super" diet. Sometimes I think we need to remember the purpose and function of a "diet" (I hate that word in this context!) which is to improve health, improve body composition to make you happier and improve mental alertness.

Often diets which are totally focused on "weight loss" fail to improve mental focus (often they make it far worse) and even health. The difference between weight loss and fat loss is massive; one is purely based on scale readings which could be down to a number of things including muscle mass, water levels and muscle glycogen levels. The latter is based on aesthetics, how you look and this is where I would encourage anyone to judge the quality of a diet on. Weight doesn't really matter, health, mental focus and aesthetics do!! Aesthetics doesn't mean stage rippling condition, it simply means a physique which makes you confident and happy, that is all.

So the big question is, does your diet serve you correctly? Doesn't give you what you want out of a diet? It makes much more sense to follow a lifestyle switch rather than resort to some form of labelled crash diet with a limited timescale. The take home message is, live healthy!

As a final note, make sure whichever lifestyle choice you make you enjoy it – there is no reason why eating healthy cannot be enjoyable!

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