One Stop Guide To Healthy Eating - Part 2

Balancing the Diet! Eating a balanced diet is the key to staying healthy but it doesn’t mean we have to ban any foods, just eat more of a balance within the food groups. The type of foods and diet you have can depend on many factors. If you have food intolerance then you will have to watch and monitor and maybe omit certain foods from the diet that are causing issues. If you are a bodybuilder, sports person or are more active then the nutrition you require will be different to someone who isn’t involved in these types of activities, but the basis of all nutrition is to have a good balance from all the nutritional food groups.

Within a balanced diet you can break your meals up into sections with each section being for the different food groups. So your meal will be broken down into 5 areas with some sections being bigger than others. Fruit and Vegetables should make up around 1/3 of each meal; Carbohydrates also should make up 1/3 of each meal with the final 1/3 of the meal made up from the 3 other food groups. None of the foods from the food groups are omitted from a balanced diet as they all give essential nutrients to help the body stay healthy.

Maintaining a good balance can be hard but can be done if planned correctly. Some good tips to eating well are:

•Drink plenty of water daily.

•Don’t skip meals especially breakfast.

•Have the basis of your meals on starchy foods.

•Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables throughout the day. These can also be a healthy snack throughout the day too.

•Eat more fish.

•Reduce saturated fats and processed/added sugars.

•Reduce the amount of salt as too much can cause heightened blood pressure.

•Try new types of healthy foods.

•Have a positive attitude towards food and enjoy what you eat.

•Become more active as exercising helps to maintain bodyweight by balancing your energy intake to your energy output.

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