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One of the biggest driving forces behind the development of FitMag was because we wanted to inspire and educate our awesome customers! MonsterSupplements is so much more than just a supplement retailer, without inspiration what do we have? That is why motivating as many people as possible is essential to us! Every day we set out to inspire and motivate another one of our customers but today we thought we could go that one step further. This article is for those of you who might be able to help us in our quest to motivate the world to be a fitter place, carry on reading and see if you think you can help. . . . .

Shredded Inspiration!

Are you somebody who is massively passionate about training hard, eating clean and taking the right supplements to stay in awesome shape? Visual inspiration can be so much more than words sometimes and if your physique fits the bill then we recommend you share your hard work with the world! Not for vanity reasons (although if you are that way inclined fill your boots!!) but to help motivate others to achieve what you have, show them the way and as a result they too will one day do the same! It is like the domino affect!

Mountains Climbed, Adversity Overcome

Some people have stories which they might think are just ‘’normal’’ but to the rest of us they are simply breath taking! Team Monster motivational story of the year was on Lisa Bradley who went from wheelchair bound to leg pressing 280kg in the same year and achieving an incredible body transformation. Do you have a story, which in its own right is relevant to ‘’everyday’’ people which you might think will inspire them? Trust us, it is usually stories from ‘’average Joes or Janes’’ which get people’s motivation levels on the rise.

Born Juggler

Often many people will refer to their busy life as a reason to not take action; recently Team Monster writer Dave Fleming nailed this problem simply by getting up 30 minutes earlier every day – that is what he worked out would be sufficient to progress. Dave has a daily commute of 2 hours a DAY, which is what we might call busy, along with looking after 4 children, going to the gym, preparing his meals and having a social life. Are you somebody who has a genuinely hectic schedule yet manages to keep it all going? Again, this is a story we think people would love to hear and in turn probably become inspired by!

This may seem a little off the cuff but the truth is all we want to do is help more and more people reach their goals and by inspiring YOU to inspire others we can do this quicker!

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