Make Every Workout Count!

Ask yourself this question – do you get enough out of your workouts? Really do you, or are you guilty of floating through each session on cruise control? After the initial phase people travel through where every rep counts they fall into a lull whereby they coast and over time their workouts become half arsed, counterproductive and pretty useless. This doesn’t mean you have to attack every workout with the fierce mind-set of a dragon slayer (although that would be cool!); it just means every workout should count. There is a difference between the two and today we are going to cover ways in which you can make your workouts count.

Every workout must have a purpose. There will be times when going beyond failure with silly weight won’t be possible in the same way crazy high volume workouts won’t be applicable. This is fine however you need to know what can be done and make sure it is productive and above else – you do it! Don’t coast through a workout where you could repeat it again if you really wanted to, that isn’t a workout – that’s a warm up at best!

Every workout should be challenging in one way or another. Is it the intensity which is grilling you or the sheer volume and short rest periods which is setting your lungs and muscle bellies on fire? Whatever it is there has to be an element of challenge during a workout, if the body is not challenged it will not change. There are few truer sayings than that one right there.

One of the best ways to make a workout count is to take the body into new unknown territories! If you are typically a heavy trainer with low reps switch it up and smash a high volume workout using something like the DTP protocol. Shock tactics are one of the best ways to take muscle fibres apart and as a result make the workout a productive one, one which counts!

Finally, one of the most effective ways to make a workout count is to train with someone who can outperform you! Human instinct says that we will try and keep up with the leader of the pack; they become the target for the rest of the herd. Whilst leaving your ego at the door embrace a new challenge and become a smaller fish in a bigger pond once again.

Remember, making your workouts count is essential to progression!

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