Look Who's Talking? Listen To Winners

Who do you listen to? What qualifies them to give you advice? There is no shortage of individuals out there who pose as ‘’experts’’ who are eager to give their advice and share their ‘’words of wisdom’’ but there is a shortage of REAL experts. The hard part is picking those two groups of people apart and distinguishing the difference between the two. If you think you might have been ‘’gurud’’ then check out our checklist and see if your ‘’idols’’ stand up to the scrutiny.


We don’t care how many numbers or letters they have after their name (or before for that matter) because without application it doesn’t make the magic happen! The most important factor is of course, what results has this person managed to achieve with their clients and are they consistent? Anyone can take a ‘’lean’’ person and get them leaner, have they tackled some real obstacles and delivered impressive results? Have they used healthy protocols to do this?

Open Minded

Do they preach ‘’One size fits all’’ or do they accept that everyone is different and that some people need the total opposite of the next person? If somebody says that you should only train ONE way, eat ONE way and use ONE brand of products the chances are their true values or intellect are compromised somewhere along the line.

Walk The Walk

This doesn’t apply to everyone admittedly, there are some people who can teach you and SHOW you how to achieve amazing things who are not in the best shape themselves, but often they were once upon a time! Does the person you listen to walk the walk, or have they climbed that mountain in the past? The amount of people who offer advice on how to get ‘’huge’’ arms when they have 10’’ ‘’guns’’ themselves is amazing.


We saved this one for last because there shouldn’t be too much emphasis placed upon it. What is the person’s background? If you want to get ready for a show ask have they prepped other people before. How did they do? Before you begin to take advice you want to know that the person you are listening to can justify their words some way, somehow! There are a few areas to focus on when picking somebody’s brain for advice!

Always ask yourself ‘’why should I listen to this person?’’ because quite often you will find the person offering advice needs some themselves!

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