Living An Awesome Life - The Mind's Best Remedy

At what point do you say ‘’just get started!!??’’ The majority of people will procrastinate forever, finding reasons why now isn’t a good time and why the future will be a better time. Yes, money affects us, family commitments affect us and things never ever appear ideal. Guess they never will be ‘’ideal’’ that I can assure you. Even if you won the Euro Millions Jackpot, you could stop working; pay everyone to do everything for you things wouldn’t be ideal. That isn’t how life is and you should enjoy that, rather than hope one day things will just ‘’fit’’ enabling you to look like a Greek God in a matter of weeks.

There are endless bull**** excuses people come up with, some must take more time to think of than others but there is ALWAYS something in some people’s lives which means they can’t (I actually mean won’t) take action. You also get people who legitimately have obstacles which quite frankly are verging on impossible to overcome yet they leap over them as if they weren’t there. Last year’s Team Monster motivational story of the year was on a very special lady, Lisa Bradley who went from being wheelchair bound to leg pressing 280kg in the same year. Does that story not make you feel like a bit of a cop out? Does it not ignite the tiniest flame within you to get up of your ass and make something happen? It certainly makes the run of the mill excuses like, ‘’not enough time’’ or ‘’I am a bit tired today’’ seem a bit feeble doesn’t it? The truth is though in this case Lisa is a winner and winners have the personality and attitude of an achiever. This is partly inherent and partly developed; if you weren’t born with it you can certainly learn it!

The fact is life is awesome and if you disagree then something needs to change, you can make it awesome. Of course, everyone has days when it feels less than awesome and events in our lives which are devastating – unfortunately that is life, no more and no less. This isn’t to say they don’t hurt because they bloody well do, but as the saying goes ‘’it isn’t about hard you can hit, it is about how hard you can keep getting hit and then keep getting back up!!’’ Positivity is something you need in your life, from the moment you wake until the moment you sleep and even in your dreams (I kid, but it is a sweet thought right?). Positivity is absolutely contagious in the same way negativity is and it takes a GREAT deal of strength to be positive in an environment which is oozing with negative vibes. Simply put, make sure the people who you spend most of your time with offer you something in return for your company – something along the lines of positive feedback, a good outlook on life or happiness. People who cause you constant stress, anger, depression, negative thoughts and stamp on all your positivity need to be cut lose! Yes it is easier said than done but you will get over it. Even down to the music you listen to you should be injecting positive thoughts into your mind on a daily basis. Who hasn't pretended to be Rocky in their own world running up steps to ''Eye of the Tiger'' having achieved great things against all the odds?

Remember, life is awesome, fun, challenging, entertaining and great filled with opportunities every single day to satisfy yourself by achieving things. Make the gym and exercise in general your drug, your remedy to life’s stress and you will feel a high like no other. Sure that leg circuit might make you feel like you need to empty your stomach in the bin but as you lie on the floor in a pool of sweat after the workout you will feel amazing. If the term ‘’ecstasy’’ was ever relevant to the feeling an activity could provide it is that, getting through a challenging workout.

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