Ladies Make A Lifestyle Switch - With Lucy Boggis

Whilst some of you may already be aware of the ‘’right’’ way to get yourself into shape I know there will be many more of you ladies who won’t. For those ladies that are trying to lose weight and get in shape, starving yourself is not the answer to achieving that body you so dearly want. It may seem like the easiest and possibly the fastest option, but it is not. It’s an impossible lifestyle to maintain, and when it comes to being in shape it shouldn’t be about going on a “diet” but more about a lifestyle change.

Not eating is no lifestyle at all, it is just torture!!

I’m sure you are all aware of the harm not eating can do to your body. It can cause lifelong problems to your bones and internal organs.  For us girls who want to start a family, getting pregnant may well prove difficult if you have been following a ‘starvation regime’; having the ‘body’ you dream of and not being able to have a family does not add up. So let’s make a positive lifestyle change. If you are training hard you have to refuel. Your body is an amazing thing and you must respect it; you wouldn’t run your car into the ground, use up all its petrol and expect it to go again without refuelling, so don’t do it to your body. Fill yourself with goodness; if you treat your body right your body will reward you, training will progress, your shape will change and your skin will glow. Eating right shows on the outside but will also make you feel so energised that the boost it gives you will encourage you to train hard and live life with a positive spring in your step.

The healthier your lifestyle changes the better, and I love to take the everyday saying: “Little and Often” as my guide throughout the day; when I say “Little and Often” I don’t mean a little bit of chocolate often, I mean packing in all the vitamins and nutrients every time you eat. By eating small meals throughout the day, you will continue to feel energised and also keep your metabolism working at a high rate. When you starve yourself through the day and then finally have a feed, whatever you eat will be stored as fat! The reason our bodies do this is because we have denied ourselves food through out the day or for a certain amount of hours, your body doesn’t know when its next feed will be so it stores as fat to keep your body fuelled. This has evolved from the ‘cave man’ years, because they would go for days without food; their bodies would clock onto this and store fat so they could keep energised to hunt. But we don’t need to be doing this, we have food, and amazingly healthy food at that. So stock up your fridges, plan your days menu the night before to make sure that you are not caught out with no fuel after training or during work with. You will feel a massive benefit by changing your lifestyle from starving yourself to fuelling yourself. Everything in your day to day life will feel positive and proactive.


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