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If there is one thing I would love to change in relation to people’s trail of thought and exercise it is this – ladies do very well lifting weights when trying to optimise the image of their physique. Gym instructors across the country will usually usher women towards cardio machines and tell them if they dare hit the weights to ‘’go light because they only want to tone up’’ which is just crazy! The frustrating thing is this mind-set is quickly spread through a ‘’domino effect’’ with the ladies telling their friends what the ‘’expert’’ at the gym told them to do.

The purpose of the article isn’t to rip into gym instructors or anyone else who tells women to avoid weights like the plague, but instead put some points across which might just convince a lady or ten to give it a go! If you look at any professional female athlete who does sprinting or swimming for example you will notice they have a very toned physique. Ironically these ladies spend many hours lifting weight with low repetitions as well, using relatively heavy poundages in relation to their body weight. This doesn’t mean I am saying you should train like an Olympian or professional athlete, but what I am saying this does tell a story all on its own!

The resistance training I am referring to helps the female body burn calories around the clock, improve hormonal balance (optimising the body for fat loss) and it also helps retain lean muscle ‘’tone’’ which is essential. Ever seen a lady who has gone on a crash diet, done loads of cardio lose weight? A lot slimmer yes but a lot flatter, no tone or shape. Not what the ‘’ideal’’ comprises of, to many women who strive for a better figure.

Nutrition is an area a lot of women fall down and it is normally because they are miss-sold complete rubbish about how they need to go very low with their calories. Lifting weight requires a certain volume of calories which is great because you feel satisfied by your diet yet it is actually productive! Weight training in comparison to cardio for fat loss is also great because it takes far less time! 30 minutes can be more than enough to get a resistance session DONE.

Ladies, whatever the media might have told you I encourage you to give weights a go. 3 resistance based circuits a week, evenly spread out and see how you feel in 4-6 weeks!

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