Gym Fun - Down Time With The Iron!

Do you train to look a certain way or do you train because you love to do it? The unmistakable rush of ‘’good feeling’’ you experience when you train hard is like no other drug, it can fill your mind with so much energy for life. This is why I ask the question, do you enjoy the training you do or not? For me, I want to look good, I want to look better 3 months down the line but I also love and crave what a true arse kicking in the gym can provide me with mentally! Does this mean that training shouldn’t all be out achieving goals and delivering results, and rather instead be used as a means to provide you with self-satisfaction? Personally I think it can do both, but for that to happen you have to –

a) Train in a way which will deliver the results you want

b) Enjoy the way you are training!

There are several ways to build a physique worthy of a magazine and bolster performance worthy of a winning performance!! The trick is to find the way which works for you and excites you. Yes, whichever way you choose will be painful, sometimes excruciating in the gym but that is half the fun – knowing you possess the mental zest to go through that, overcome it and be a winner at the end of the workout.

The gym and the time you allocate yourself to spend there should become your ‘’down time’’ – the building the facility stands in becomes your Church, your place of physical worship to better yourself. The very prospect of getting your gym gear together, getting into the car and driving to the house of pain should set off butterflies in your stomach – you should be gasping to train, craving the feeling of the pump nothing else can provide you! By the time you get to the gym it is game time, no p****** about you are there to do the business, nothing else. Pleasantries can wait until you’re in a pool of your own sweat, limping away from the weights area in agony – good agony nonetheless. Nothing should interrupt your intensity in the gym; it should be an enjoyable experience to be in that zone! Don’t allow any pencil neck to come in between you and that, you are there to enjoy the pain, feel it not run away from it to have a chit chat.

If you have been reading this with a faint smirk the chances are you are on the right tracks, you get it. You understand what it feels like to be charged by the very thought of a visit to the gym. If on the other hand you have scanned this in shock or confusion then might I suggest you start searching for a style of training you enjoy? When you find it, these words will make perfect sense!

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