Getting It Done - The Naked Truth

One of the best motivational quotes I ever came across was, ‘’don’t try and weather the storm and then start, learn to dance in the rain!’’ – there were a few choice words thrown in for extra effect and to be honest they were fitting, but you don’t need me to include them you can just use your imagination. Go on then, ‘’learn to dance in the f****** rain!’’ – see, it just adds that little extra bite and makes you want to never come up with a pitiful excuse ever again.

Whilst I am sure you appreciate the encouraging words, what exactly do they mean? I have to credit Mr Gregg Plitt for the quote, one of the world’s most recognised faces among the fitness industry and it has to be said, this guy's passion to motivate others is infectious. In a nutshell the take home message is to quit waiting for the ‘’perfect’’ or ‘’ideal’’ circumstances until you make a change because they never will arise. At least not in the context you are wishing them to.

Opportunity is often present it just takes the right kind of person with the right kind of attitude to make the most of them. Often people will allow opportunities to pass them up because they are often disguised as hard work, which is where many go wrong when looking to transform! Achieving a transformation is tough whichever way you dress it up there is no denying that. This doesn’t mean you have to train until you spew, eat foods which make you gag and spend hundreds on supplements every month.

However it will require some sacrifices.

The positive side of the story is this, if you do it right once you reach the other side you will be able to enjoy it as a ‘’lifestyle’’ opposed to a transformation period. The initial transition phase is always the toughest in my opinion. These words were put down on paper to flick a switch within your mind to get you started on the path to a better you. Nobody said it was going to be easy and those times you have tried and failed prove that, but I am telling you it will be WORTH it!

There are goals you can set out to achieve, actions you can take to make them happen and monitor your progress – all that stuff is great. However here is the big BUT, sometimes there is absolutely no replacement for taking the situation by the horns, taking responsibility and getting s*** DONE! Anyone who knows me knows I am big on goal setting, knowing WHY you are choosing a specific path and all the rest of it but it has to be said – getting started, doing something, moving forward are all ways to finish as a winner!

No more ifs, buts, maybes just do something different today and get it done!

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