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There is no denying eating a diet which is designed to make you gain muscle can be costly, and it can actually sometimes force people away from the idea. I hate the thought that there are people who want to progress their physique but feel limited by the financial cost of the diet. Therefore I have come up with a few ‘’outside of the box’’ ideas to help you drive the cost of your food bill down. Have a read and see if there is anything you can take from here to benefit yourself!

The salesman or ladies amongst you might find this a bit easier to do but calling around local butchers, giving them your weekly meat needs on paper and asking for their ‘’best’’ is a great start. You will be amazed at the difference, just today I did this and there was a £16 difference for the same products from two local butchers. Over the course of a year that is a massive saving of £832 just for a phone call!! Even when the price is good don’t be shy to ask for a little extra discount if you are willing to commit to weekly orders. You push the limits in the gym, now do it here!

Subscribe to supermarket mail shots for weekly deals on meat and fish. You will be amazed the amount of times you can find 50% off deals, especially on salmon fillet as of late. Every week I have been enjoying a huge saving on a mountain of fresh salmon fillet and not only has my wallet enjoyed it, my muscles have to!

Frozen chicken breasts are cheap and I used to literally live of these and tinned fish! Maybe it isn’t as sexy as some other people’s diet but if you want the results bad enough and you have certain constraints do it!! As a teenager, I would lug a basket around the isles of a supermarket and fill it with frozen chicken breasts, white fish, salmon and the likes of. Doing what you have to do to get the job done!

Meat wholesalers are another great place to try! If you can say to them you want X amount of meat on a weekly basis some will play ball. If you and a few mates are into your training even better, do one big weekly order to drive the prices down further!

Hopefully you have been inspired to search for some more cost effective ways to get enough meat in your diet!

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