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Intensity is defined as an ‘’exceptional’’ effort, in the context of the fitness world this would be in relation to how hard you push the pace in the gym. Although it sounds tough it is very hard to get across how hard an effort qualifies as ‘’intense’’ within the walls of a gym. With many people’s downfall being their half arsed level of exertion in the gym we thought it would be wise to throw down some ‘’intensity’’ markers.

First of all, remember there is a distinct difference between training with great intensity and being silly. The latter often relates to those who throw and swing weight around they could only dream of performing with properly. In our world intensity means effort, not weight – the difference is this, going into unknown territory and pushing yourself. Lifting heavy weight doesn’t necessarily do this on its own!

So are you intense? Let’s see!

Pass The Bucket

Not for one minute are we suggesting you should feel nauseous or throw up as a result of your workout but it has to be said, we have all been there and if you think that is a world away from your workouts you probably aren’t pushing hard enough!

Can You Train Every day?

Whilst some people have amazing genetics within the realms of recovery it would be tough for most people to lift weight every day with enough intensity. If you can the chances are you would benefit from spending less time in the gym and cranking up the intensity! Quality over quantity every time!

Is That The Time?

Do you want the session to end or is it so much ‘’fun’’ you could do it all over again? As much as we love and enjoy training the idea is to be progressive and to do that you need to be at least tickling the boundaries of your limits most of the time. Feeling like you need the workout to end is how it should be!


By the end of 5 sets of the same exercise you shouldn’t be able to hit the same number of reps with the same weight if you are going all out! That doesn’t make sense, you were clearly holding back in your first couple of sets which doesn’t come under the definition of intense efforts - ‘’exceptional’’ now does it?

There is a time and place for everything; you don’t always need to be intense in this context however more people could certainly benefit from doing this! Don’t blame your diet, supplements or training plan if you train like you have 4 hours to kill!

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