Get Outside & Burn Fat! Making The Most Of The Natural Environment!

There is something magical about the dry, cold and sometimes frosty mornings we so often get in the UK this time of the year. Maybe I am biased being a "country boy" but for me there is nothing quite like it and if you are like me you love the raspy feeling of the freezing cold air bouncing off the walls of your lungs. Combine this feeling with the constant need for oxygen during a breath stealing workout and you have something wonderful!

Before you turn away due to my over eager love for the beautiful outdoors, hear me out. Apart from the visual beauty of the trees, stream and greenery the bigger picture for me is this - the countryside can provide one of the very best workout facilities around!! If you can access a field or woodland and litter it with some goodies from a farm yard and building site the only thing standing between you training like the ultimate Spartan is your will power. With such a set up the possibilities are endless and there is always more scope to make things tougher.

What can you do? Well when it comes to getting somebody (including myself) in condition there are several exercises and routines I love to do in a circuit fashion.

These include -

. Tire dragging with rope

. Tire flips

. Sledge hammer on tire

. Old beer barrel (metal ones) overhead press

. Farmer walk (with beer barrels)

. Press ups

. Crunches

. Sprints

. Sprint with tire & rope attached to waist

The list goes on! The point is that you can get one amazing workout done outside using the natural environment to challenge you. The terrain you will be training on will make things harder, being muddy will throw a new slant on things and it will come together to generate a primeval cave man rush!! If I had to choose doing this style of training or any form of cardio in the gym there would be no comparison, I would take to the great outdoors every time to absorb all the awesome energy it has to offer in a punishing workout!

If you are able to I recommend it very highly, outdoor strong man style training is am incredible way to burn calories!

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