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In 2012 if I learnt one thing about rapid fat loss and training it was that ‘’German Composition Training’’ is extremely effective! There is certainly more than one way to tackle a goal but it has to be said, in my experience GCT melts body fat like a flame under a slab of butter!! Many people will not be familiar with this form of training which is why I am going to take the time and explain how to use it, why it works so well and who could potentially benefit from it.

Supersets, a relatively basic training principle which stipulates that you use two exercises back to back provide the foundations to which GCT is built on but there is more to it than that! There is special emphasis on repetition tempo, the speed at which you perform each repetition. Rest periods are also a very fundamental part of GCT and together these combine to create a fat blasting workout!

Each GCT workout typically uses 15 supersets totalling 30 working sets making it a relatively high volume session. The repetition tempo states that you must control the weight during the negative phase (eccentric contraction) for 4 seconds which is partly why GCT is so effective at causing mass calorie expenditure – the time under tension on the muscles working is dramatically increased. The rest periods are set to just 30-60 seconds between each superset which means you are spending minimal time resting during the entire workout leading to more time under tension and less time to recover!

Unlike ‘’bodybuilding’’ training where you would typically hit one muscle group once a week you will use a diverse range of exercises, typically compound exercises to induce higher calorie expenditure. This means you will be using the whole body all week! Every superset should focus on using opposing muscles groups, not the same ones simply because you will struggle to sustain the intensity and tempo required.

Below is a sample GCT workout –

Superset 1 X 5 sets

Squats & overhead barbell press

Superset 2 X 5 sets

Seated cable rows & dumbbell chest press

Superset 3 X 5 sets

Single arm dumbbell rows (right/left)

4 second negatives

30-60 seconds between supersets

10-12 repetitions per exercise

You will notice the repetition range per exercise is 10-12 reps and the idea is to reach near failure at the end of each exercise. When you combine this with the volume you are looking anywhere between 300-360 reps in a workout!

If you want to blast the fat try GCT, it works!

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