Competing - A Journey To Remember!

The competitive nature of training often leads to people wanting to step on stage at some point in their life, for many it is the opportunity to present their hard work in front of many sets of eyes and potentially win some recognition! Making the decision to compete could be the best decision you ever made, it has the ability to make you feel electric, give you a purpose and potentially open new doors. However you need to consider several factors before choosing when to compete and perhaps more importantly, where.

What are you trying to achieve? This will determine to an extent when you compete. If you are doing it purely as a personal goal to enable you to focus, go for it. However if you have aspirations of being number 1 in the industry and becoming a top competitor maybe you are better off waiting until your physique is more competitive. Knowing what your goal is will help decide when you should compete!

There are many federations in the bodybuilding and fitness modelling world which means that there is a lot of scope for you to choose the right event. If you are a life time natural athlete then you want to make sure the show you pick is drugs tested. There is little sense in competing in a show where others might have the upper hand because they have ‘’extra help’’ in their corner.

Competing may enhance your profile as a trainer which could possibly be beneficial to your business. There are many top athletes in the world who have colossal social media followings and successful businesses which is largely due to the fact they did well on stage and gained recognition for it.

Sometimes people find they can never stick to a diet; there is always something which drags them off course but the real issue is the fact that they have no accountability. If there is a deadline, a date which holds them to their promise the reality of it is that they have two choices –

1. Stick to their word

2. Or look stupid!

Committing to a show does this which is one of the most common reasons people choose to compete!

So is it the right time for you to compete yet or not? Only you know the answer however it can be an amazing experience and one which many people seem to enjoy and rarely regret.

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