Chronicles Of Average Joe - Leg Day!

This week’s ‘’Chronicles of Average Joe’’ addresses one of the most common mistakes people make in the gym, particularly men who want to look ‘’Hench’’ – they don’t train legs!! Mistake is the wrong word really, it isn’t like they don’t know they should but just in case here are the reasons WHY in black and white!

Client: I play a lot of football and go walking plenty so I don’t see why I need to train legs in the gym?

AG: Do you train your upper body?

Client: Yes. . . .

AG: Do you, oh I don’t know . . . .  Write, cook, and carry shopping bags?

Client: Yes. . . .

AG: So why do you think walking and playing sport is a good enough reason to not train legs? Don’t get me wrong, it is a reasonably ‘’excuse’’ compared to some but it isn’t one. Everyone should train their legs hard if they want results and keep a balance within their physique (for longevity more than anything!).

Client: Right, but I just want a reasonable beach body, not a massive muscle bound body?

AG: Trust me you won’t and if you do then I am jealous, you have amazing genetics! Seriously though, training your legs hard will help create a hormonal response which will help with muscle growth throughout the rest of your body! Due to the fact leg training is so damn hard it is also great for fat loss, a real calorie burner!!

Client: Ok. But I find that with football my legs won’t recover properly so what would you recommend?

AG: Better, you are asking for solutions rather than searching for excuses. You are right, you won’t be able to train legs like a bodybuilder and you shouldn’t want to really. Instead focus on weight circuits, including the likes of single legged press, squats, leg curls and lunges. You might find these actually help with leg strength and stability for sport.

Client: OK, great! What about frequency, rep tempo and volume?

AG: Fantastic question! Personally I think using lower body exercises twice a week within circuits is more than enough, focus on 3-4 second negatives to help improve your strength for sport. Make sure you stretch plenty after your workouts to stop the leg muscles getting tight and enjoy a nice hot bath as well!

Client: OK, on it!

AG: Great!

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