Chronicles Of Average Jane - Calories In Vs. Calories Out

This week’s chronicles of average Jane focus on yet another very common issue among the female fitness communities across the UK – calorie point systems which promise to transform you into a slender Goddess in 28 days! The dialogue below covers a typical conversation between a female client who has had the misfortune of reading a lot of this rubbish.

Client: So I was reading about a calorie point system which says that as long as I stick within the limits of the plan it doesn’t matter what food I eat. It even allows me to have chocolate every day if I want to.

AG: And you think this will work?

Client: Why not? It says it is all about ‘’calories in vs. calories out’’ at the end of the day.

AG: That is where the problem lies I am afraid, some people are able to operate under a system like this (but I would hazard a guess in 20 years they will struggle with the same approach as age hits them) but to say a ‘’calorie is a calorie’’ is slightly ignorant in my opinion.

Client: Why, it is just a unit of energy?

AG: Yes it is, but every calorie comes from a macronutrient and each macronutrient will cause a different reaction in the human body. If you use the example of 100 calories from chocolate and 100 calories from sweet potato you have two very different foods yet they both are predominately a carbohydrate source.

Client: So what are you saying?

AG: The long and short of it is this – I believe most people need to eat clean, healthy, wholesome food most of the time to progress. Systems which advocate otherwise do get a popular following for obvious reasons – everyone wants to look good yet give minimal effort, right?

Client: I suppose so. Do calories really matter then?

AG: Yes, of course. If you eat too much good food you can still gain fat, for sure. However, if you eliminated junk and committed yourself to eating healthy foods I would guess you probably wouldn’t end up over eating with a little planning.

Client: So what would you suggest?

AG: To kick things off and keep things simple here are some basics –

. Eat 5 smaller meals a day

. Eat some protein with each meal from meat, fish, eggs or protein powder

. Eat plenty of fibrous vegetables with each meal

. Have some fats from foods like nuts, avocadoes, seeds

. Enjoy some quality carbohydrates in moderation from food like sweet potato, rice, pasta and so on

. I would personally recommend going gluten free

Client: OK, I will keep you posted!

AG: I bet in 2-3 weeks you will feel a million dollars, or pounds I should say!

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