4 Stage Plan For Powerful Pecs!

Every man wants a big chest (there are plenty of ladies who want the same, one might argue) and it is safe to say if there is one muscle group you couldn’t accuse a chap of skipping on it would be chest. The culture that bread the ‘’how much do you bench’’ crew means that no man in the gym is willing to let his game fall, yet why is it so many of us gents seem to lack a pair of powerful pecs?

Genetics can be blamed, to an extent but then anyone with the right approach combined with time can usually overcome their genetic disadvantage. Therefore we are going to avoid using this convenient obstacle as a reason why we can’t get big pecs. We are going to put down a 4 step plan to bringing your pecs up, tips you might well not be exploring right now.

Rep Ranges!

Everyone seems to stay within the realms of 6-10, sometime less on chest day! Instead I recommend you begin to flirt with higher rep ranges, below we have a 3 week repetition cycle which will get you on the right track. Week 1 – 6-10 reps per set Week 2 – 15-20 reps per set Week 3 – 25-35 reps per set The idea here is to target both slow and fast twitch fibres, of which there are often a mix within the pectoral muscles.

Rep Tempo

On chest day rep speed aka rep tempo goes out the window for most because the only thing on their mind is – ‘’did that chick see me lift the biggest dumbbells mate?’’ No more lads, we have to take this s*** seriously if you want to progress! Start by using 2-3 second negatives on all your chest movements (the part where you lower the bar to your chest). On isolation movements such as flies also employ a 2 second pause at the bottom of every rep and top (isometric contractions!). With the week 3 repetition ranges speed the reps up slightly into one continuous motion where you are constantly squeezing the pecs hard!

Twice A Week Attack!

If your chest is a weak muscle group, then we want to start hitting it twice! You have the first workout sorted, with the rep ranges and tempos. The second workout (3-5 days after the first) is all about blood volumisation. Therefore you are not training to failure; instead you focussing on getting as much as a pump as you possibly can within a 30 minute window. Short rest periods (30-45 seconds) are a must!

Under The Guillotine!

An exercise many of you might not have tried yet is the guillotine press, a simple yet immensely effective variable of the bench press. On a smith machine, lie under the bar so as you lower it, it touches the bottom of your neck and press. The idea isn’t to go heavy here, just focus on the muscle contraction!

Get to it, put the plan into action!

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