3 Muscle Fuelled Recipes Which Promise To Satisfy Your Needs!

It is all very well presenting you with gourmet muscle meal recipes which wouldn’t be out of place next to Mr Oliver’s best dish; however these meals often take a lot of time to prepare. Simple, fast yet effective recipes are what most people need – they crave convenience yet their desire for good tasting food will always be there. With that said, anything which is going to compliment somebody’s muscle building goals AND not take a lot of their time is going to be popular. Check out these 3 carb loaded muscle building snacks!

Cereal Muscle Builder!

When you are short on time, you are hungry and in need of muscle building nutrients there is nothing which quite fits the bill like a heaped bowl of cereal. Unfortunately, most cereals are completely rubbish because they are infested with stacks of sugar! One which escapes this is natural/organic granola and yes, it tastes the BOMB! Kick-start the day with this mountain of muscle food.

1 large bowl of organic granola

Almond milk (plenty)

Handful raisins

1 inside of a kiwi

1 teaspoon honey

Eat with PhD Whet HT+ shake (in chocolate!)

Crumbs Of Goodness

Rice cakes are certainly a popular commodity amongst those who are on the path to muscle mass; they provide a cheap, convenient, tasty carbohydrate source which can be married with an almost endless host of other foods to form a muscle snack!

6-8 caramel rice cakes smashed up

Add 150g quark cheese to a bowl

Add 1 tablespoon almond butter

Add 1.5 scoops chocolate protein powder

Add dash of water and stir into mousse

Add the smashed up caramel rice cakes, stir and serve with chopped strawberries

Chocolate Soufflé

This is a protein packed snack which you can enjoy with just 2 minutes of time spent preparing it! As the name suggests it is lovely and chocolaty and more than that completely guilt free. It is particularly useful to those of you on a ‘’low carb’’protocol.

Add the following to a bowl:

5 egg whites

1 scoop chocolate casein (casein is more stable in heat!)

Handful of chopped walnuts Microwave for 30-45 seconds

Serve with handful blueberries & organic peanut butter (slightly warmed up)

There you have 3 of the best recipes I love to use when calories are my friends, however right now they are not as I am counting every single macro on my plate. With that said I cannot go any longer writing these wonder recipes down because I am finding myself watering at the mouth in anticipation for the day I can once again shovel these down (refeed day is imminent!!).

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