Winter Food! Stews Are Go!

This time of the year we spend more time in dark weather riddled with air at freezing point! Amongst other things this inevitably influences what we eat and what we crave. It is unlikely you wish for a nice chilled ice smoothie this time of the year, as where more hearty, warm comforting dishes will appeal.

One of the best kind of meals I have been enjoying lately are stews done in the slow cooker. My word, the flavours bouncing around are incredible, the meat is undeniably tender and what’s more they are extremely simple to make.

When you are restricted to certain foods it can be hard to generate a meal which is appetising and provides satiety. This is why I strongly recommend you break out the slow cooker and get on with stew making, they are the latest thing in a long list of ‘’winter’’ favourites for the team at Monster.

Here are 3 of our top winter stew recipes for you!

Chicken & Vegetable

4 chicken thighs (boned with skin)
½ red onion
2 whole carrots
1 cup peas
½ cup green beans
1 red pepper
Chicken stock
Leave to stew for 6-8 hours

This is one of the most basic yet flavoursome stews I am yet to enjoy this winter as I keep my diet firmly on track. What makes it ideal is that if you want to add calories and carbohydrates all you need to do is drop some rice in along with some potatoes. A winner, all round!

Pork & Leek

3 pork tenderloins
2 chopped leeks
½ cup green beans
1 cup sweet corn
½ red onion
¼ cup white rice
Stock & water
Leave to stew for 6-8 hours!

If you love a bit of crackle with your stew and tender pork this is a winner! Leek is always a welcome addition to a pork based meal, especially during the festive period of the year.

Beef & Tomato

1-2 cups brazing steak
1 tin no added sugar tinned tomatoes
½ red onion
3-4 chopped mushrooms
2 whole carrots
1 chopped red pepper
½ cup sweet corn
Stock & water
Leave to stew for 6-8 hours!

Beef and tomato is a timeless combination and this stew makes the most of that! Again, with a little white rice added this is an amazing meal for those looking to add size this winter and satisfy their hunger!

Stews are great, they are very easy to do (almost fool proof) taste superb, relatively cheap and what’s more there are endless combinations you can use.

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