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Should you eat meat & nuts for breakfast or oats & protein powder? Can you eat carbs all day or will you get fat? All of these questions are on the tongue of MANY gym enthusiasts who literally bounce from one group of fitness experts to the other who deliver contradicting messages. This isn’t the experts fault; after all they are sticking with what works for them. Nevertheless it creates a big dilemma for those who are caught in the middle and trying to learn what steps to take.

So what should one do? One should do what works!

As you read an article you can sometimes become submerged within the content and lose sight of reality to the point you will only believe what the author has to say. There is nothing wrong with having specific people you listen to; in fact it can sometimes help. However, you should try and retain the ability to overlook tips which might not best work for you. The thing is when an expert makes a statement online the chances are it is a sweeping statement which means they cannot possibly address every possible eventuality. Example, somebody might say that they think the meat & nut breakfast is best, yet there might be an individual reading that who clearly needs carbohydrates at the crack of dawn. Taking everything you read literally can be a dangerous game.

Why do we get conflicting views, often at polar opposites? Experts tend to go off studies and there are many which contradict one another, so from there they then go off results they are able to achieve. Typically, you will get experts preaching the word of protocols which they have had much success with. Why would they slate something they have seen work time and time again? It is only natural to stick to what you know and sometimes oppose what contrasts this.

What does this mean to you, the reader?

It means that sometimes you have to make a choice; if you are going to commit to a plan then you need to be consistent. If you choose to follow somebody who is pro-carbs then follow everything they say because the chances are their jigsaw is made up of several smaller parts and if you miss some out the puzzle won’t be complete. The biggest factor is whether or not the person consistently gets great results or not! What if you like the work of people with opposing views? Simple, try both of their protocols at different times and compare results!

The truth is there will be protocols which work best for YOU and the only way you will find out which ones do that is to try them!

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