Transformation Of The Year

We would define a transformation as a process whereby the individual clear looks considerably leaner/muscular and is also healthier. More than that, their mind-set has shifted and a ''healthy'' lifestyle is now a way of life for them.

This year we saw some incredible transformations here at FitMag, we were really spoilt for choice when it came to the annual winner. How do we choose just one? On the person's story, the degree to which they have transformed or a combination of both?

In the end we were forced to choose the most ''extreme'' example of what the human body is able to achieve if nutrition, training, supplementation and a bucket load of ''never die'' determination!

James Hobday is our annual winner of this competition and we are sure you will agree with very good reason!

James lost over 7 stone in 6 months going from 36% body fat to 7% body fat, becoming a sponsored fitness model in the process. James' story has attracted a lot of media attention, partly because his wife also achieved mind blowing results and it illustrates exactly what a couple can achieve together.

Massive congratulations to James and his wife, Jane.

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