The New Year Resolution - Will You Make It?

It is that time of year when the action comes to a grinding halt and planning for the next chapter begins. Without wanting to get all ‘’New Year’s resolution’’ on you I wanted to discuss the process of planning for a successful 2013. The time you spend exercising is a window of opportunity to cherish, it has the potential to become the best investment you ever made by improving health, self-confidence and giving you the body you desire.

Saying you are going to ‘’go to the gym, lose some weight and eat healthy’’ doesn’t mean anything. That is no different to saying you plan on one day winning the lottery, there is nothing in place to make your dreams come true. The end goal must be clear, how much do you want to lose, why and then you need to break it down in to micro goals! For example, in 6 months’ time you might have a goal to shed 5 stone however right now that seems like a dream at best. Therefore focussing on the first stone is where your mind should be, and then the second and so on. Right away, you can see how by breaking down the goal it becomes far more attainable and in turn motivating. In my experience 95% of the people who fail to achieve their results do so because their initial goals are unrealistic and too farfetched in comparison to their current reality. If eating 2-3 times a day, whatever you want is normal switching to 6-8 meals a day of NOTHING you like is not going to be appealing nor plausible.

Make the jump a realistic one so you do end up reaching the other side!

Motivation is going to be a massive factor as well because no matter how desperate all the festive food makes you via the means of guilt, trust me it WILL wear off! When this happens (approximately on the 12th of January by the way!!) you need to have TRUE motivation in order to kick through the stream of obstacles in your way. This means knowing why you are going to make a change and more importantly why you WILL stick to it this time. Have you got a wedding coming up which you want to look your best for? Have you been advised by the Doctor you need to make the change? Whatever it is that makes you tick keep it by your side; this will forever more be your friend during the process.

The beginning of a New Year is a great time to make new changes, but it is merely a novelty until real goals are set and there is an element of periodization! Don’t allow yourself to become another statistic in the ‘’failed attempts’’ column in 12 month’s time!

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