The Desire To Succeed - Blood, Sweat & Tears

Inner drive, discipline and pure grit are often the determining factors in success and that is NO different with your aspirations in the gym. Genetics do indeed play a part but put those aside and with the mind-set of a warrior you can achieve amazing things. Nutrition, training, supplementation and consistency are all things in your control – you CAN make them ALL happen. Self-improvement is the focal point here, being the best your body has the potential to be.

Desire is the initial driving force maybe married with a little curiosity. Combined it is these two elements of the mind which made you search for the articles (hopefully on FitMag – shameless plug fully intended!!) which provide the relevant information on how to transform from ‘’zero to hero.’’ Through times of self-doubt and challenge always keep the factor which created your desire at hand, it will forever more be your friend. Did you crave the opportunity to one day feature in a magazine, or maybe feel great on the beach? Whatever the motivating force may be, all that matters is that you keep that on ice and are able to connect with it whenever you might need to!

Now for the contradiction – your route inspiration for the desire to train will change! When I first started training all I wanted was big arms and maybe some abs but that has long gone, now my primary reason for training is to be the BEST I can be and become one of the best transformation coaches around with Team Monster. Of course, that wasn’t my goal 6 years ago but that is what creates my desire to train now. Next year, I have set strength orientated goals which means my desire might be inspired by a new factor. Always be mindful that you too will experience this and be prepared to move with it!

Goal revaluation is essential! Having a chain of short term goals with longer term goals is also a must, with no game plan you are merely wondering into the unknown. Make goals, smash them, gain momentum and move forward. Life is all about setting out to do something and conquering, setting more goals and doing it all over again!

You have the ability to achieve amazing things, just harness your mind and put it into motion – believe to achieve!

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