Science Vs Gym Craft

The phrase ‘’broscience’’ seems to have gained momentum in 2012, something which is perhaps not completely in line with ‘’science’’ is instantly attacked by individuals who claim to only listen to science. Problem is, are studies conclusive? Often many are not! This has inspired a very interesting topic and one which we think many of you will enjoy. After all, who doesn’t love a good debate?

Lab Rat Vs Gym Monkey

So we have an individual who has science behind every single point they make and somebody who has learnt their craft in the trenches. Who wins? We think there is in fact a cross-over whereby  you have to go with science to an extent, but at what point do you say ‘’results in the trenches are proving that those studies have missed something?’’ Sometimes there is no replacement for experience! Science often contradicts itself therefore you are normally only working with a theory with ‘’some’’ evidence anyway, it is the day to day results which make the protocol conclusive!

When Science Wins . . . .

There are times when science kicks a** and there is no denying the findings of the study. Even when there are hundreds of high profile experts who disagree, they have to accept that some studies backed by in-depth science prove a point to a point of conclusion.

When Experience Outwits Science  . . . . .

This is maybe more specific to an ‘’experienced’’ gym expert out crafting a science ‘’nerd’’ who has nothing BUT paper to fall back on. There are times when a highly trained eye can make a call which science cannot teach, it is just gained from years of dealing with human beings and transforming their physiques. Sure, this experience gym guru may well be applying science, but sometimes it is hard to explain why their method works BUT it does!

There Is A Balance . . . .

To take the side of one over the other would be silly because both quite clearly have merit. The best outlook to take is that science is there to help point you in the direction and even better, prove a point when possible. Having that little bit of experience and gym ‘’know how’’ to fall back on always helps though which is where the balance is found.

In conclusion, there is no winner. All of the best trainers in the world apply science yet they are also able to implement a biblical volume of knowledge and experience gained through being in the trenches!

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