Motivational Story Of The Year!

Motivation is the most important part of the puzzle if you are serious about achieving a successful transformation. Of course, there are other elements which count such as nutrition, training and supplementation BUT if the motivation isn't there then none of this other stuff matters!

With so many mind blowing stories this year oozing with motivation we had a real struggle to pick one as the ''number one'' choice.

Having said that, there was one which sits above the pack purely for the ''shock factor'' and the fact that the individual went against ALL the odds, not only beat them but smashed them!!

Lisa Bradley was diagnosed with a condition which meant she lost the feeling in her legs which in turn meant she became reliant on a wheelchair. However, having given birth on 3 occassions she went on to defy the odds and the story ends with her now being able to leg press 280kg!! Her journey has however just begun . . . .

This is motivation on a whole new level, new heights were reached with this wonderful story!

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