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The statement ‘’do what works for you’’ is a very logical approach to eating and training. Sometimes scientific ‘’proof’’ isn’t required if you know a specific form of diet or training programme (provided it doesn’t degrade health) gets you the best possible results. On paper doing a low carb diet might make the most sense but then a seasoned gym rat takes you under his wing, has carbs featuring in every meal and in 12 weeks’ time you have a godly physique – how does that happen?

The first point to consider is that there is more than one way to skin a cat, anyone who says there is ONLY one form of diet or training programme will generally be an inexperienced individual with biased views. The second point to take on board in this instance is that we don’t know all and sometimes what appears to be the answer indeed isn’t, or at least is only one of many. The beauty of spending time to find out about your own body is that the more accustomed you become with it the more time you can spend ‘’fine tuning’’ things. Once you know your body then there is little need for external help if ‘’good shape’’ is the end goal, after all no one will know your body better than you!

Learning to listen to your body is essential, being at one with the way your body works is usually the fastest way to super results. This is an art which can take many years to learn but once you do there is no stopping you! You do however need to be careful that you can remain rational at all times, don’t go overboard with the diet and starve yourself or vice versa, for this to be a productive process you must have a level head at all times! Track your progress, your weight and how this alters in accordance with the food you are eating, supplements you are using and the training you are doing. Look for emerging patterns, what does your body do when you change X – clues lie within your diary all you have to do is learn the process. Some people might find that when they introduce more carbohydrates they look fuller and burn fat faster as their metabolic activity increases, others will find all this does is add blubber to their waistline!

Once you can pick out patters which repeat themselves you can then begin to make tweaks in your diet, training and supplement plans which will inevitably lead to better progress. Possibly the best investment in time you can make is to listen to your body and learn how to do so. Being the master of your own body is an incredible thing, progress will simply unravel itself!

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