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Some training myths you hear in the gym are amusing as where others are completely wild and potentially dangerous. Yes, there certainly is more than one way to skin a cat but there are also certain tales you hear which have little or no substance whatsoever. Let’s get into some of the legends that bounce from wall to wall within the gym and see what our take is on them.

No Carbs Post 6PM

Now joking aside people have for decades got results cutting carbohydrates out in the evening that is undeniable. However, the point is that from a research point of view having carbohydrates in the evening in comparison to most other parts of the day is going to in fact work in your favour (improved insulin sensitivity).

Cut Fat To Lose fat

Again, people have done this and to an extent it works but it goes against the grain of what a lot of studies tell us. Healthy fats help turn on fat metabolisation, in a sense flicking on a fat burning switch. They also help with hormone production and insulin sensitivity which all aid in over body recomposition.

Everything In Moderation

This long lived saying is way out dated; it doesn’t give the right message to those who desire a better physique. There will be things in moderation which would prevent you getting lean, so no this saying is complete BS. Many instructors might tell you different but take it from those who have been through it, you will have to limit things and cut out others if you want to get ripped!

You Go Catabolic After 3 Hours With No food

This one is open for debate. Whilst it is a little silly to say you will lose muscle if you don’t eat in 3 hours the ‘’old school’’ from the art of muscle building will tell you do just this and it has to be said, their results are always great. In regards to protein turnover it probably makes sense to eat every 3 hours if muscle mass is the goal, it certainly works.

Low Fat Dairy Is Best

Studies tell us that when dairy is in its natural (full fat) state the body is able to identify that food as fat and process it accordingly. When the fat is removed the product becomes a carbohydrate (lactose = sugar) which is not ideal for body composition. Dairy is generally best in the full fat state unless calories are a major issue but for MOST people this won’t matter to this extent.

Hopefully some of these points have helped outline some common myths and given you some insight.

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