Effective Female Fat Loss - Using Supplements The Right Way

Supplementation is the final piece to the puzzle, the cherry on the cake. If the training schedule and diet in place are on the money then you can expect to notice accelerated progress with the correct use of supplements – if on the other hand they are not, forget it. If you can honestly say that you are put your all into your training and diet then I highly recommend a supplementation plan.

Today’s topic is female fat loss therefore the supplements we cover will be specifically in place for that precise goal. Fellas this one isn’t for you, but it might be worth a read because there is an element of cross-over and more importantly, picking up a few tips might make you popular with the lady in your life!!

So why supplement, ladies? The whole idea is to create a desirable effect on processes within the body which first of all lead to a healthier you and then a leaner you. In the past you might have gone for the ‘’burn all my fat pill’’ but that is like hammering a screw into wood – the end result MAY be the one you desired but the chances are the side effects are not AND at some point these will change. Taking an intelligent approach to this can be the difference between short term fix and long term lifestyle switch.

The first supplement I like to prescribe to ladies is a greens detox drink, rich in I-3-C (Indole-3-Carbinol) because it can have a positive effect on esrtrogen management. Why is this important? Often we notice that women with ‘’stubborn’’ body fat have an estrogen/progesterone ratio which is out of sync. By using a greens drink you can help balance the difference which in turn helps the female body shed body fat more effectively. Secondly, due to stress causes by life, poor diet and lifestyle choices (alcohol is a main culprit) the average person will potentially have more toxins in their system. Toxins live in our fat cells, and if we give the body a reason to store toxins what do you think it will do? Yep, hold on to body fat. Using a high quality greens drink helps counteract this and has been used by many top trainers over and over again to get the desired results.

Next on the list are fish oils. So far, no funky ‘’magic pill’’ supplements, right? Fish oils combined with a greens drink are the closest thing to a ‘’miracle’’ combination for female fat loss if I ever saw one but the right diet and workout plan are still required components to the overall puzzle. Getting a good dose of healthy fats (omega 3s, we get enough omega 6 from diet in fact too much sometimes) helps with body composition for two reasons. One, it improves insulin health by effecting the ‘’form’’ in which the two layers of fat which surrounds the cell leading to better nutrient absorption (less glucose left unused in blood stream leading to potential fat storage AND less insulin floating around in blood). Secondly, omega 3s have a positive impact on testosterone levels which help burn fat and maintain lean muscle tissue (not in the way you think, you won’t hulk up girl so chill!).

The third and final supplement I think a lot more ladies should use is, magnesium. This is again related to focussing on a preferential hormone reaction for increased fat loss. When you sleep, growth hormone levels peak but if you have a poor night’s sleep this will be hampered. Not only does growth hormone help the body utilise fat more effectively, it also suppresses cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone which is constantly linked to stubborn body fat around the belly button region. Magnesium helps the muscles relax within the body as well as the CNS, leading to a better night between the sheets.

Are there other supplements I would recommend? Yes, but I think these are the best starting pointers for ‘’average Jane’’ looking to make a start, in conjunction with an awesome diet and workout plan.

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