Daily Choices Which Make A Difference

Ideal circumstances and reality are often worlds apart for the ‘’run of the mill’’ person in a life filled with work commitments, family and more piled on top of one another. This begs the question, is it better to make simpler, less drastic changes for long term progress rather than a short term diet which is harsh on your mental strength and taste buds? We think yes, it is. For the everyday person who might begin their day with breakfast cereal, have a baguette at lunch and finish the day with evening meal along the lines of cottage pie making some basic changes will initially have a big impact on your physique. As an out and out beginner with the desire to make some changes without direction, don’t stress so much about eating like a fitness model. Generally, athletes who carry chiselled physiques are finely tuned machines which requires a bigger effort on their behalf to create a smaller shift in the way they look – at the beginning of your journey you have the luxury of ‘’surprise.’’

So yes, making smaller changes initially which you can accommodate on a daily basis as a lifestyle choice will help immensely. Let’s go through some of the changes we think you can make with minimal impact on your day to day lifestyle.

Breakfast cereals are off the menu, they are sugar ridden processed foods which quite frankly you don’t require other than to satisfy cravings. Better choices for breakfast would include eggs, meat, or even a protein shake accompanied by some nuts of fruit. Ideally, you want some protein upon waking to help improve body composition. Oats are a favourite choice of many health fanatics and whilst we may disagree in some cases, in this context oats with some fruit and protein powder fit the bill nicely. If you struggle with breakfast don’t fear, grab yourself a blender, throw some oats, berries, banana, almond milk and some protein powder in and enjoy a yummy smoothie to kick-start the day!
Moving on, sugar elimination is something we really want to focus on and we will also say the same for things like white bread and the likes of. Whilst it isn’t dubbed as ‘’ideal’’ switching to brown bread is going to help. If you love sugar in your tea, switch to stevia.

Adding fibre to your meals is going to be a big help when you consider a lot of people don’t get enough. Not only will this hopefully improve digestion, it can also help lower the GI of a meal which is normally associated with better body composition. Think lots of greens and certain fruits, you can’t go wrong with berries.

Try and eat whole foods. If you are eating dairy, eat the whole (full fat) products over ‘’skimmed’’ versions which are essentially sugar.
Meal frequency does help and in this context eating breakfast, lunch and supper with 2 /3 snacks between meals is an ideal way to be. Always aim to get protein in during your meals and even with your snacks and get a mix of healthy fats and some carbohydrates from natural sources.
Junk food, yes or no? We are looking at a lifestyle plan here so there will be some junk for sure. Instead of having it when you desire, try and limit it to twice a week – mid week treat and a weekend treat.

Believe it or not, a Sunday roast isn’t all that bad unless you are using loads of gravy and cooking the spuds in layers of fat. Again, in this context if you are making a conscious effort the rest of the time, enjoy it.

Finally, way too many people fail to remain hydrated! If you stay hydrated you can help the body remove toxins which is great for health and fat loss! Try and limit caffeinated drinks to pre4PM and drink 1 litre of water per 50lbs of body weight (unless extreme circumstances).

There we go, some simple rules to live a healthier lifestyle and get into better shape!

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